What is Sic Bo?

Sic Bo is one of the most interesting games available in 918Kiss. Sicbo, also known as ‘tai sai’ or ‘dai sui’ big and small is game of chance made by the ancient Chinese origin played with three dice. The actual meaning of sic bo is ‘precious dice’. Sic bo is a casino game and also a famous online casino game  popular in Asia as well as American and Macau casino. Now the game is played in most casino all across the world and included the online version the game in most of the online casino games. 918Kiss has this game on their 918Kiss App which is played live and also on lan.

How to play?

Although the board may look complex, its rule are pretty simple, three dice are thrown in a small jar and for the player to win, they have to bet and try to guess the results of the throw, eg : total of the three dice, a certain combination of numbers can make you win big money. Most casino players are still confused looking at the size of the table and the number of information on the table will take you through one by one.

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The Sic Bo bets


= The easiest bet on the board to bet is the total of the three dice. This ranges from 4 to 17 ( 3 and 18 already covered by triple 1 and Triple 6 ) There are located right in the middle of the board. How to pay you is different ,and all are based on the probability of each result happening. And are shown on the betting square the winning odds.

Small and Big

= Casino players can also bet on the total of three dice being Small (4-10) or Big (11-17). The payout for this is smaller as the risk of betting on this is lower and probability of it happening is very high so they pay (1:1). Note about this is Big and Small both lose if any triple appears, this is why 3 and 18 are not included in these bets.


= The combination is bet is located the right below the middle. The combination bet is the player is betting of any two specific numbers out of the three dice. For example you can bet a combination of 2 and 6, so if the dice shows (2, 3, 6)  you would have won. At 918Kiss, the payout is 5:1 for this to happen. Varies from other online casino.


= The single bet is located right below the board, Single bet is a bet that a specific number shown on any of the dice. So if you were to bet on a 5 and the dice show (3, 4, 5) you would have won (1:1) because you had one number on the dice, if they were two of that number the payout would be (2:1). If they were 3 you would have won (3:1) on your original bet, this bet is the one of the most low risk bets in the game and normally taken by most casino players.


= The double bet is located on the top right and left of the board beside the big and the small . The concept is very straight forward based on the name, so basically a casino player has to predict specific number and it has to be a double  from the three dice. You can bet on any double if you win you stand to win (10:1) on the wager you bet.


= The triple bet is situated in the middle at the very top. The triple bet is mostly for the high rollers cause they wanna to make the most amount of money. Any this bet is one of the most lowest probability happening as its so hard. A triple bet is when a player bets a specific triple from 1 to 6 that will occur. The payout for any triple is (30:1) but if the player wants to bet on a specific triple the payout is a whopping (180:1), so if you bet Rm100, you would have made RM18,000 just on a RM100 bet.

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Tips for playing

To experience playing this game, i feel this game is for people with mentally of good big or go home, for players who don’t mind grinding their way (5-6 hours) trying to win. This game needs a lot of patients and a little luck here and there and if you get your going to win big. This game is made for high rollers who don’t mind spending their money until they win big but doesn’t mean other players can’t try their luck on this too.

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