What is Poker three?


Three card poker is one the most easiest games to learn. It is basically two games in one where Casino players try to make their best poker hand with only 3 cards. Players can really win serious money playing at 918Kiss because of how simple it is. Its Poker and blackjack in one game how awesome is that? A simple way for someone to make money. The game has already picked a lot of popularity for how fun it is but also how fast you can learn it you win based how good your cards are, so it’s just the dealer and you and no else.




The objective of the game is to have to best poker hand with only 3 cards. So this how the game starts, the player places an ante wager and/or a pair plus wager, betting that they will have a hand of at least a pair or better than that. After that, 3 cards are placed face down to player and also the dealer. The player than proceeds into seeing his cards and whether he wants to place a wager or even fold. If he chooses to place a wager it has to be the same amount they put for the ante wager. If the player chooses to fold the ante wager is taken by the dealer and even pair plus wager if any.


So if the player proceeds by placing his wager, the cards will be turned over to see who has the better hand, if the dealer has a hand of Jack high or worse, the player gets back his money as the dealer did not qualify for the round. The dealer has to get a hand of Queen or better to qualify into the round, if anytime the dealer has a better hand they player both the ante and play bets will taken. If the dealer qualifies the play bet and the ante bet play 1:1 even on 918Kiss App it’s the same with most other trusted online casinos.


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Pair Plus Payouts :


Straight Flush      40:1

Three of a Kind    30:1


Straight                6:1


Flush                    3:1


Pair                       1:1



Ante Bonus Payouts


Straight Flush    5:1


Three of a kind   4:1


Straight               1:1


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Tactics for the game


The player should always play all hands greater than Queen, Six and Four and Fold all hands worse. There is a risk every time a player wants to play with a small hand most likely your going to lose. Use to pair plus payouts you can really win big especially at 918Kiss, here a huge chances to make a fortune if you bet with that,cause even if u lose the ante bet u might win the pair plus.

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Have reserved cash


Be aware that when you play the ante bet  when playing 3 card poker you need to have enough cash in your online casino account, if you do not have enough cash in your account you will have to fold which result in you losing your Ante wager because you didn’t have enough to make place the bet. At 918Kiss we provide very efficient and  easy top up session so players will have an easy time if they feel they need to add more money.


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